VEGETABLE SEEDSAll your favourite rare and unusual vegetable seeds, oriental veg, baby veg, patio, container, cut and come again, heirloom, Italian range, tomato, pepper, beans, peas, salad and root veg. Nothing can compare to harvesting your own vegetables full of freshness and flavour straight from the garden. No matter what the size of your garden, from containers on the patio to planting veg in your flower borders or growing vegetables on an allotment, it's simple and easy to grow your own plants from vegetable seeds.
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  • Dwarf French Bean Sprite 100g av 450 seeds

    A medium early, white seeded, pencil pooded variety. It produces light to medium green stringless beans 14cm long by 10mm. Resistant to BCMV.  [...]

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  • Squash Summer Zephyr 10 seeds

    Distinctive slender fruits are predominantly yellow in colour with faint white stripes and light green blossom ends. Best harvested when fruits are [...]

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  • Perpetual Spinach Leaf Beet Large 400 seeds

    Cut and come again, baby leaf. Heavy cropping of succulent dark green leaves, that are used as spinach. Suitable for cutting over a long period [...]

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  • Pumpkin Jill be Little 10 seeds

    A high yielding F1 variety that produces wide, flattened, deep ribbed small fruits, with an attractive orange colour. Fruits typically 200-250 grams [...]

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  • Squash Winter Celebration 10 seeds

    Acorn shaped ribbed orange F1 squash with flecking. Orange coloured 10-12cm fruits with an excellent sweet nutty flavour. Intermediate resistance to [...]

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  • Squash Winter Butternut Waldo 10 seeds

    A hybrid Waltham Butternut type with vastly improved uniformity, flavour, vigour and high yielding. Powdery mildew resistance, fruits typically [...]

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  • Leek Matejko 50 seeds

    A dark green coloured hybrid variety suitable for harvesting between September and December. Good length with high uniformity and upright flag. High [...]

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  • Onion Ramata di Milano Italian Range 100 seeds

    Allium cepa
    Cipolla (onion) Ramata Di Milano has straw brown skin and top tapering (like a spinning top), with crisp white flesh, ideal for [...]

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