VEGETABLE SEEDSOver 1,000 varieties of vegetables to grow from seed, oriental veg, baby veg, patio, container, cut and come again seeds, heirloom, Italian range, tomato, pepper, beans, peas, salad and root vegetables. Nothing can compare to harvesting your own vegetables full of freshness and flavour straight from the garden. No matter what the size of your garden, from containers on the patio to planting vegetables in your flower border or growing veg on an allotment, it's simple and easy to grow vegetables.
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  • Lettuce Clarion 250 seeds

    A popular variety of good quality for cropping June to October. Sow under glass for early harvest. [...]

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  • Lettuce Biscia Rossa Italian Range 1000 seeds

    Early Italian variety, Biscia Rossa means Red Snake, ruffled leaves are green below the red tips, [...]

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  • Radicchio Leonardo 30 seeds

    Produces large round red heads with green outer leaves that can be harvested between July and Nov, [...]

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  • Radish Red Meat 150 seeds

    A unique white and green skin radish that has dark pink flesh, nice and crisp, sweet and very [...]

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  • Pumpkin Big Max 10 seeds

    Large pumpkin Big Max often weighing up to 45kg/100lb ripening to a pinkish orange with very thick [...]

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  • Cress Persian 1000 seeds

    Lepidium sativum
    Dark green cress with oval peppery flavoured leaves. Ideal for salads and [...]

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  • Radish Diana 200 seeds

    A unique round radish with a white tip and distinctive purple skin. A fast-maturing, long season [...]

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  • Cauliflower Purple Cape 200 Seeds

    Winter variety. Rich purple heads of superfine flavour - ready late March/early April. Very hardy, [...]

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