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  • A pkt Carolina Reaper VEG581 Bhut Jolokia VEG781 Trinidad Moruga Scorpion VEG1158 Brain Strain VEG040 and Butch T VEG220 10 seeds each

    Carolina ReaperTrinidad Moruga ScorpionTrinidad Scorpion Butch 'T'Trinidad 7 Pot Brain StrainBhut Jolokia

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  • Alexanders Black Lovage 20 seeds

    Biennial Culinary herbSmyrnium olusatrum - Black LovageAn ornamental herb can be used as a pot herb, once used medicinally. Now used as a culinary [...]

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  • Alfalfa

    Medicago sativaVery nutritious and rich in vitamins, use Alfalfa sprouted in salads, for micro greens, sandwiches, casseroles and stir fries all year [...]

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  • All Greens Mixture

    A great combination of baby leaf for salad or stir fry use consisting of Mizuna, Tatsoi, Red Giant Mustard and Red Russian Kale. 21 days to maturity.

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  • Amaranth Red Army 500 seeds

    Amaranthus tricolorThe leaves are used raw, cooked or Micro leaves. Use raw in salads, cooked as spinach or used in stir fry. Prefers a sunny [...]

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  • Angelica

    BiennialA.archangelica - Arch-Angel, Wild ParsnipAngelica Archangelica flower heads are kept from forming or cut back at the end of season, it is [...]

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  • Anise Pimpinella anisum 280 seeds

    AnnualPimpinella anisum - Aniseed, Anis, Anise seedCulinary herb Anise seeds can be used in soups, stews, cakes, salads; sauces, cosmetics, desserts, [...]

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  • Arbutus Unedo Strawberry Tree 50 seeds

    Strawberry TreeShrubby evergreen tree with red-brown bark and glossy mid green leaves, small white flowers in pendant panicles. Edible red fruits [...]

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  • Aubergine Baby Bell Eggplant 25 seeds

    EggplantA hybrid dwarf and compact variety ideal for containers and patio planting. Ideal for baby veg. The plants are approx 30cm high and bear lots [...]

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  • Cabbage Black Cavolo Nero De Toscana Italian Range 75 seeds

    BLACK CABBAGE. An unusual leaf picking variety with rich, dark green blistered leaves can be picked young for baby leaf. A well known Italian [...]

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  • Cabbage Black Tuscany 200 seeds

    Black Cabbage / Kale. Large very dark strap like coloured leaves, also known as palm cabbage, full flavoured hardy plant.

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  • Cabbage Cabbice F1 30 seeds

    Shredding cabbage, salad cabbage. Pale green heads 1-2kg in size. Thick crunchy leaves with a very mild super sweet flavour making them ideal for [...]

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  • Cabbage Derby Day 50 Seeds

    Early maturing ball head summer cabbage. Good resistance to bolting, round, medium sized heads.
    Sow:- Feb-early April Harvest July-August. RHS [...]

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