Seeds for the Smaller Vegetable Garden
Quality Vegetable seeds in smaller quantities, less waste better value for the smaller garden.
For your convenience all the small vegetable seed packets are on these pages and also in the main Vegetable Seed pages.
A great range of seeds for the vegetable garden includes Asparagus, Chili peppers, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Lettuce, Onion and many more of your favourites for the vegetable garden.

Normal Size vegetable seed packets

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Aubergine Black Beauty


Aubergine Black Beauty
Early maturing, high yields of round to oval deep purple fruits, borne well clear of the ground. Recommended variety by River Cottage Handbook Veg Patch.

0.99 Av 50 Seeds






Aubergine Farmers Long
F1 variety. A vigorous plant producing long slender purple-veined fruit. Early prolific producer of top quality fruits measuring approx 30cm long x 3cm in diameter. White tender flesh with excellent flavour. Tolerant of bacterial wilt.

1.25 Av 20 seeds





Broad Bean Imperial Green Long pod seed

Broad Bean Imperial Green Long pod
A high yielding variety, up to 8 succulent beans per pod with an excellent flavour suitable for freezing. Height approx 90cm. Sow Feb onwards. RHS Award of Garden Merit.
100 gram approx 85 seeds

0.95 Av 25 seeds

2.55 Add to basket 100 grams






Climbing French Bean Musica


Climbing French Bean Musica
Stringless climbing French bean
Very early flat podded variety, Musica is high yielding with long stringless medium green pods that have a minimum of leaf which makes for easier harvesting. Beans can be harvested over a long period from May to October. Sow Feb to May plant Feb to June. Bean length 22-26cm width 20-25mm
RHS Award of garden Merit

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Beetroot Cheltenham Green Top
Heirloom variety producing long tapered sweet rich red fleshy roots with broad shoulders. Green tops can be used as spinach. Stores well and has some resistance to drought.

0.99 av 200 seeds




Vegetable Burpees Golden Seeds

Beetroot Burpees Golden
A favourite delicacy from Victorian times it is something different from the usual red beetroot, does not bleed and stain like normal beetroot, attractive globe shaped, Leaves are light green, roots orange-yellow that turn golden yellow when cooked. Tender, sweet tasting and a fine texture even when large, can be steamed, cooked in casserole or used raw in a salad. Recommended variety by River Cottage Handbook Veg Patch.
1 gram approx 85 Seeds

0.89 av 1 gram pkt

1.50 Two x 1 gram pkt



Vegetable Beetroot Chioggia seeds

Beetroot Chioggia
Beetroot Chioggia an Italian traditional globe shaped beetroot with dark green leaves and deep red stems. When sliced the ornamental red and white rings are exposed, adding an attractive element to the salad plate. Sweet tasting beetroot that is ideal in salads or as a hot vegetable. Voted 3rd by Gardeners World taste testers.

0.85 Av 100 seeds

1.35 Two x 200 seeds




Vegetable Beetroot Cylindra seeds

Beetroot Cylindra
Beetroot Cylindra a long slim cylindrical Italian variety beetroot with a dark red colour of both the outer smooth skin and inner fruity sweet tasting flesh. Ideal variety for slicing. Matures medium early. Voted 2nd by Gardeners World taste testers.

0.95 Av 300 Seeds




Beetroot Detroit 2 Crimson Globe seeds

Beetroot Crimson Globe (Detroit 2)
Very good selection of Detroit beetroot, one of the most popular varieties; heavy yields of globe shaped roots with good internal colouring and excellent taste. 5 gram approx 320 Seeds

0.95  Av 5 gram pkt





Broccoli Summer Purple seeds

Broccoli Summer Purple
Summer cropping variety, requires no cold winters to initiate flowering. Excellent colour and well formed spears.
Sow spring harvest late June to October. Sown early can produce a crop late June dependant on the weather, sowing date and location.

0.85 Av 50 seeds



  Purple Sprouting Broccoli Early
Ready from February. An abundance of fine side shoots. Hardy and high yielding.

0.90 Av 300 seeds



Brussels Sprout

Brussels Sprout Red Bull
Brussels sprout Red Bull is a open pollinated variety, red mild flavour sprout which keep their colour when cooked.  Sow outdoors March to April for harvesting November to January. Colour becomes more intense during cold weather.

0.85 Av 50 seeds




Cabbage Mastergreen
Cabbage Greens
A very good OP variety with good winter hardiness and excellent resistance to bolting. Good basal quality giving high yields and uniformity easy to harvest with less stalk. Ideal for winter and spring greens.

0.95 Av 200 seeds



Cabbage Black

 Nero De Toscana

Cavolo Nero
BLACK CABBAGE. An unusual leaf picking variety with rich, dark green blistered leaves can be picked young for baby leaf. A well known Italian vegetable, it can be used to add texture to salads or boiled/steamed in the usual way, also used as baby veg. Stands normal winter conditions and can be harvested September to January.
Sow:- April to May Harvest September to January

0.95 Av  75 seeds




Calabrese Miranda
Tall plant producing large violet heads on a central stalk  best sown June onwards matures after 95-105 days, space plant 30 x 30cm apart.

0.79 Av 50 seeds




Carrot Autumn King 2

Carrot Autumn King 2
Autumn carrot. Late and maincrop carrot with large tapered roots suitable for slicing and dicing. Traditional autumn king for heavy yields with storage potential.
Sow March to August harvest June to October

0.95 Av  800 seeds


Carrot Cosmic Purple

Carrot Cosmic Purple  
Purple roots with shades of yellow to orange sweet tasting flesh. Heirloom variety

0.89 Av  200 seeds




Carrot Little Finger
A superb baby carrot 7 to 10cm long with a deep orange colour, tender, sweet and tasty they are ideal cooked, or in salads, snacking or even in the kids lunch box. Sow from early March into July harvest late summer into autumn.

0.79 Av  300 seeds



Grow Carrot  F1 Red Samurai from seeds

Carrot Red Samurai
2nd early, F1 maincrop. A red skinned carrot with distinctive bright red skin and pinky inner flesh. Long tapered roots. Japanese bred carrot. Sow March to early July, Harvest June to September.

0.89  Av  250 seeds

1.35  Av  500 seeds





Cauliflower All The Year Round


Cauliflower All The Year Round
The gardeners firm favourite. All The Year Round is a traditional cauliflower that is ideal for successional sowings.
Sow March to May Harvest July to late September

0.85 Av  120 seeds


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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia, Begonia etc requires no cover.

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