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Vegetables, Oriental veg, Baby Veg over 900 varieties to grow from seed.  Chilli peppers Butch T , Moruga Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich, Trinidad Scorpions, Trinidad 7 pot some of the worlds hottest chilli peppers. Grow your own vegetables including, tomato, salad leaf, baby leaf mixtures, peas, beans, carrots, beetroot, aubergine, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, marrow, salad onion, swede, watercress. Easy to sow veg offer fantastic value for money.

Nothing can compare to harvesting your own vegetables full of freshness and flavour straight from the vegetable garden. No matter what the size of your vegetable garden, from containers on the patio to planting vegetables in your flower border or growing vegetables on an allotment, it's simple, easy and nothing beats growing your own vegetables from seed, even the children will enjoy growing from seed, and eating their own produce. Large selection of Salad Leaf & Baby Leaf Mixtures to sow. Even if you only have a small garden or balcony, there are vegetables available for you to grow.

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The prices listed are for retail vegetable seed packets, whenever possible are untreated, but some professional vegetables are only available treated to prevent damping off and for stronger seedling growth.


Alternative Salads 





Beans Broad
Beans French climbing Beans Dwarf French
Beans Runner  
Yard Long Beans






Baby Vegetables

Beet Leaf
Black Cabbage
Bitter Gourd  

Broccoli Raab
Brussels Sprouts








Cape Gooseberry
(Artichoke family)

(Chinese Lettuce)

Chinese Cabbage
Chinese Chives
Climbing French Bea
Corn Salad





Florence Fennel 
Green Manures
Jicama Yam Bean
Kohl Rabi
Lambs Lettuce

Lemon Grass



Micro Greens
Onion Bulbing
Onion Salad
Oriental Vegetables


Pak Choi 
Petit Pois
Perpetual Spinach
Chili Peppers
Sweet Peppers




Runner Beans
Salad Burnet
Salad Leaf & Stir Fry 
Salad Onion 
(Black Salsify)

Sugar Snap
Sweet Corn
Swiss Chard



Tamarillo Tree Tomato
Cherry & outdoor
Glasshouse & Heirloom

Winter Lettuce




Baby leaf Lettuce Mix
Baby leaf Salad/Stir Fry Mixes  Exclusive

Packets of mixed baby leaf vegetables suitable for young leaf production for stir fry or salads, cut and come again crop. Can be sown in the vegetable garden all year round in milder climates or raised in glasshouses or polytunnels in cooler areas for winter early spring crops, try sowing in pots and grow on a sunny windowsill. Sow every two weeks for a continual supply of tender young leaf.
Sow outdoors sprinkle seed 1/2" apart in a 2-4" wide row covering lightly or broadcast sow at approx 10gram per square metre. Indoors broadcast in beds or flats.
Harvest after approx 3 weeks by clipping with scissors, most plants in the mix will re grow
Seed count is between 450 and 750 seeds/gram
Direct seeding rate approx 30g per 180' x 3" wide row.



Mild Micro Mix



Micro Mix Mild    Baby Leaf
A mix of mild flavoured brassicas including mizuna, cabbage, kale and kohl rabi. Days to maturity 10-15 days. Ideal for salads and sandwiches, a perfect partner for our Spicy micro greens mix. Days to maturity 10-15 days for micro greens. Seeds per gram approx 325.

2.95 approx 5 gram



Spicy Micro Mix



Micro Mix Spicy    Baby Leaf
A colour blend of red and green mustards with various textures, ideal for micro greens, salads and sandwiches. This mix is excellent to use with our mild micro green mix. Days to maturity 10-15 days for micro greens. Seeds per gram approx 500.

2.95 approx 5 gram





Lettuce Bis Mixed
A mix of red and green cut and come again Italian lettuce. Ideal for containers pots and outside. Sow late March to September.

 0.89 Av 1,200 seeds




Herby Salad Leaf Mix

Herby Salad Leaf Mix      Baby Leaf
Herb salad leaf mix perfect for sandwiches, salads and garnishes, fresher crispier and tastier than supermarket salad mixes, an ideal mix for patio containers, pots and under glass, can be picked in under 30 days from sowing during summer months, sow outdoors March to Sept, under glass Oct to Feb. Sow indoors in a heated propagator or windowsill all year round. Sow thinly 1/2" deep in drills 9 apart. Thin seedlings as and when necessary.  Keep weed free and water well. Great source of vitamins. Mix contains Green lettuce, Mizuna, Salad Rocket, Greek Cress, Giant Red Mustard and Chicory Puntarelle. Seeds per gram approx 450 (seed size varies considerably).

1.35  Av 1 gram pkt



Lettuce - Baby Leaf Mix

Lettuce - Baby Leaf Mix      Baby Leaf
A range of varieties all developed for baby leaf production and excellent for the vegetable garden. All feature excellent colour and texture, plus high levels of mildew resistance. All of these varieties are suitable for whole head production. A mixture of baby leaf varieties, giving an easy solution for growing mixed leaf salad can be sown all year round under glass or on the windowsill. A mix of Blenheim, Rubane, Osterley, Exbury, Bridgemere and Roselee 
Average 800 seeds per gram

2.45  Av 1 gram pkt



5 Star Greenhouse Lettuce Mix

Lettuce - Greenhouse 5 Star Mix        Baby Leaf     
Special blend of downy mildew resistant varieties for growing under glass or polytunnel or in the vegetable garden.
A beautiful mix of different leaf shapes and colours. This blend was selected after rigorous trials by the breeder. The varieties were selected for their ability to hold their colour (especially red leaf varieties) and resist downy mildew. Varieties include Sulu, Baronet, Antago, Blackhawk, Defender, Garrison and Annapolis. Harvest in 3-4 weeks for baby leaf by clipping with scissors.
Av 800 seeds per gram

1.95  approx 1 gram pkt



Gourmet Lettuce Mix  Baby Leaf

Gourmet Lettuce Mix    Baby Leaf
A designer blend of 7 lettuce varieties with ruffled edges, unique leaf shapes, interesting texture and delicious taste, for that gourmet salad mix. Specially selected varieties that yield darker reds and greens even under low light conditions. Some of the 7 varieties in the mix include Outrageous - bright red with ruffled edges, Firecracker - brilliant red, Tango, Royal Oak.   Harvest in 3-4 weeks for baby leaf.

0.85  approx 200 seeds

1.95  approx 1,000 seeds



Wildfire Lettuce Mix

Wildfire Lettuce Mix    Baby Leaf
A mix with a high percentage of red leaved varieties. The mix contains the darkest reds, Outredgeous, Aruba, Blackjack, and vibrant greens Tango, Royal Oak, Paris Island and salad bowl to compliment the mix. 28 days to maturity.

0.85 approx 200 seeds

2.65 approx 1,000 seeds



Lettuce Exbury seeds
Lettuce Exbury

Baby Lettuce Mix     Baby Leaf
6 separate pkts
A complete collection of 6 new vegetable seed varieties especially bred for the bagged salad market, ideal for growing at home. 1 pkt of the following Exbury, Osterley, Dixter, Bridgemere, Wentworth and Ashbrook see below for description. To sow as a mix empty packet contents into container, mix well and sow up to approx 500 seeds per sq metre for baby leaf, cut and come again.

Total price of 6 pkts bought separate 7.50

Save over 1.50
5.90 Collection of 6 separate pkts




All lettuce mixture baby lettuce leaf

All Lettuce Mixture     Baby Leaf
Salad leaf mixture
A custom mixture of lettuces in 1 packet, containing Parris Island, Rouge D'Hiver, Red Salad Bowl, Royal Oak and Green Salad Bowl
Best sown thickly and clipped young for baby leaf. Sow every 2 weeks for a continuous supply of tender young lettuce leaves, sow in pots on a sunny windowsill for all year round baby leaf. Harvest in 3-5 weeks dependant on conditions, harvest with knife or scissors, plants will grow new leaves for later harvest. Ideal mixture to add young or mature leaves of endive, chicory, radicchio, mizuna, pac choi, tatsoi, mustard and the popular watercress.

Out of stock



Spicy Mesclun Mix


Spicy Mesclun Mix    Baby Leaf
European salad type custom mixture of red and green young salad leaves, including spicy leaves such as Arugula (rocket), Red Giant Mustard, Bianca Riccia endive, and mild leaves of red lettuce Marvel of four seasons, Rouge D' Hiver and Kyona and Tatsoi greens.
Sow every 2 weeks for a continuous supply. Harvest after approx 3 weeks using scissors, some of the plants will re grow.

1.55 approx 500 seeds


Italian Special Mix
A selection of Italian salad for baby salad leaf.
5 gram packet mixed seeds of:-
Rocket Salad
Basil Sweet
Lettuce Green Salad Bowl
Chicory Rossa Di Verona
Broccoli Raab Sessantina
Dandelion Italian Red Rib
Seed count approx 650 per gram

2.45 pkt 5 gram


Siamese Dragon Mix
Grow for baby salad baby leaf or mature plants. Harvest while young for a tasty tangy salad mix. A mixture of the best Asian greens for stir-frying and steaming. The rich flavour of these green is incredible when lightly cooked and seasoned with garlic and Thai peppers.

1.05 approx  500 seeds


French Blend Mix 
A fine tasty salad blend for baby leaf
5 gram packet mixed seeds of:-
Rocket Salad
Chervil Curled
Red Batavia Lettuce
Chicory Rossa Di Verona
Approx 700 seeds per gram

1.75 pkt 5 gram



Braising Mix
A combination of baby leaf used more for stir fry and light cooking. As with other mixes sow every two weeks for a continual supply. The mix includes items such as Red Russian Kale, Southern Giant Mustard, Red Giant Mustard, Hon Tsai Tai, Komatsuna. Usually harvested at a larger stage, normally 1-3 weeks later than salad mix. 28 days to maturity. Approx 500 seeds per gram

1.05 pkt  1gram


Spicy Greens Mix
Sometimes called Mesculin or Spring mix. A combination of baby leaf for salad or stir fry use. Ready mixed and consisting of Salad Rocket (Arugula), red Giant Mustard, Green Wave Mustard and Mizuna. Approx 500 seeds per gram.

0.99 pkt 1gram

2.75 pkt  5 gram


All Greens Mix
A great combination of baby leaf for salad or stir fry use consisting of Mizuna, Tatsoi, Red Giant Mustard and Red Russian Kale. 21 days to maturity. Approx 400 seeds per gram.

0.89 pkt 1gram

1.75 pkt 1,200 seeds


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