Vegetable seed sowing calendar, when to sow veg month by month

When to sow vegetables, sowing times, what to plant, time to plant out and when the vegetables are ready for harvesting. The following sowing information for vegetable seeds is for guidance only, planting seeds of different varieties may require different sowing times. Vegetable seed sowing calendar information, if you are in the North the sowing times will be later than in Southern England.


Sowing Time

Planting Out


Artichoke  Globe Mar-April May Jul-Nov
Asparagus Jan-feb Apr-May Apr-June
Aubergine (indoor) Nov-Feb Jan-Apr April onwards
Beans Broad Nov & Feb-May   May to Oct
Beans French climbing (Indoor) Feb-May May-Jun May-Oct
Beans French climbing  (Outdoor) May-June   Jul-Oct
Beans Dwarf French  (outdoor) May-June   Jul-Oct
Beans Runner May-June   Jul-Oct
Beans Yard Long Feb-Mar May-June Harvest when young & succulent
Beet Leaf Mar-Jul   Jun-Oct
Beetroot Mar-Jul   Jun-Oct
Black Cabbage Apr-May   Sep-Jan
Borecole/Kale May-Jul Jun-Aug Oct-Feb
Broccoli Sprouting Apr-Jun Jun-July July-May
Broccoli Raab Spring & Late Summer to early Autumn   Early summer & Autumn
Brussels Sprout Feb-Apr Apr-May Aug-Mar
Cabbage Pointed Feb-Jun Mar-June Jun-Oct
Cabbage Ballhead & Red Feb-May Apr-Jul Jul-Nov
Cabbage Winter Apr-May May-Jun Oct onwards
Cabbage Savoy Apr-May May-Jun Oct onwards
Calabrese Mar-July Apr-July June-Dec
Cape Gooseberry Feb-Apr   Sept-Nov
Carrot Jan-Aug   June-Mar
Cauliflower Jan-June Mar-July All year round
Celeriac Feb-Apr Apr-May Oct-Dec
Celery Feb-May Mar-Jun Jul-Nov
Celtuce Mar-June   June onwards
Chicory May-Jun   Oct-Dec
Cucumber (Indoor) Dec-May Jan-May Mar-Jun
Endive (outdoor) Mar-Jul May-Aug Jul-Oct
Florence Fennel Apr-Jul May-Aug Jul-Sep
Kale/Borecole May-Jul Jun-Aug Oct-Feb
Kohl Rabi Feb-Jul Apr-Jun Jun-Oct
Lambs Lettuce  - Corn Salad July-Aug   3-4 weeks - can be over wintered under cloches
Leek Mar-May Apr-May Jul-Apr
Lettuce (indoor) All Year Round   All Year Round
Lettuce (outdoor) Feb onwards Apr onwards Jun onwards
Melon Mar-Apr Apr-Jun Jul-Sep
Mustard  Apr & June-Sep   4-6 weeks  late sown protect under cloches
Okra Early spring onwards June When young and tender
Onion Salad Feb-Jun   Jun-Nov
Onion Bulbing Feb-Apr   Aug-Oct
Onion Japanese Aug   Jun-Jul
Oriental Chinese Cabbage Feb-Jul Mar-Aug Jun-Nov
Pak Choi  May-Sep   June-Oct
Parsley Feb-Jul & Sep   June onwards & April Onwards
Parsnip Feb-Apr   Oct-Feb
Peas Nov & Mar-Jun   May & Jun-Sept
Peas - Sugar Feb-May   Jun-Sept
Peppers  Indoor Dec-Apr Feb-Jun Apr-Oct
Radicchio Mar-May Apr-Jun Jun-Nov
Radish  (indoor) All Year Round   Feb-Dec
Radish  Outdoor Mar-Sept   Jun-Nov
Rhubarb Feb - May   2nd year
Rocket Feb-Sep   3-4 weeks Varies per variety
Salsify  Early Spring   Aug-Oct
Scorzonera Spring & August   Winter
Spinach Mar-Jul   Apr-Oct
Squash -Courgettes & Marrow Mar-Apr May-Jun Jun-Sept
Squash Pumpkin Apr-Jun May Jul-Oct
Strawberry  Oct-Nov & Dec-Jan   May onwards
Swede Apr-Jun   Sep-Mar
Sweet Corn Apr-Jun   Aug-Oct
Swiss Chard Spring - Late Summer   Late Summer-Spring
Tomatillo Feb-Apr   Aug-Sep
Tomato  indoor Nov-Mar Jan-May Aug-Oct
Turnip Mar-Aug   Jun-Nov
Watercress Mid Spring onwards   June to Winter (protected)

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