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Tomato Seeds Red Profusion 10 seeds

Tomato Seeds Red Profusion 10 seeds
A Hybrid trailing tomato with an attractive mounding habit suitable for a large hanging basket or container. Produces an abundance of scarlet 1 inch fruit all over the plant. Red Profusion will grow vigorously to fill a large container with 360° branching.


General Information
lycopersicon lycopersicum General Sowing information: Sow from late winter to early spring, approx 8 weeks before last frosts in your area sow at 20C just covering seed. Transplanting - heated greenhouse planting up in mid February, cool greenhouse plant up mid spring, outdoors early June after all risk of frost has passed. Transplant at 2 pairs of leaves to 7cm pots. Grow on and transplant into greenhouse border/pots or growbags. Sow seed for outdoor tomato in March-April transplant to 7cm pots and grow on, planting out after last frost. Feed after first truss has set and pinch out side shoots on indeterminate plants (cordon). Grow in greenhouse, plastic tunnel or outdoors in warm areas.

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