Tantrix Game Pack

Tantrix Game Pack
The TANTRIX GAME PACK contains 56 unique colour-coded, numbered tiles. These are supplied in an eye-catching and practical travel bag and with a 50 page booklet containing activities to last you a lifetime!

Why is the Game Pack SO good? Well ...

- anyone from age 6 upwards can play
- very few rules, so it is easy to get started
- the tiles feel great and make fascinating patterns
- it only takes about 30 minutes to play a complete game
- it can be played as a serious strategy game or just for fun
- each set includes extra solitaire puzzles too - see below
- friends can usually be introduced to the basics fairly quickly
- an element of chance, so it's fun even if one player is stronger
- ... but master the strategies and you will win more often than not !

The Tantrix Game Pack also contains Discovery puzzles up to no less than 30 tiles, five Rainbow puzzles, five Junior to Genius puzzles and two other puzzles ranging from tricky to almost impossible - one of them has never been fully solved without the aid of a computer!

The tiles measure c. 4.5cm across.


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