Strawberry. Toscana 10 seeds

Strawberry. Toscana 10 seeds
F1 perennial and hardy to frost, a delicious new strawberry winner of 2011/12 Fleuroselect award for the plant with the biggest 'wow' factor. Plant produces decorative pink to deep rose flowers throughout summer, with tasty deep red juicy sweet fruits with a real strawberry taste. Ideal grown on the patio as a pick me and eat me fruit, also suitable for balconies, grown on their own in hanging baskets or with mixed leafs/herbs. Up to 1kg of fruits produced from early June to mid September. Side salad and desert all in one basket.

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Sowing Information
Common/Latin Name: Fragaria
Type: Perennial & Perennial grown as Annual
Temperature: 20°C
Cover: Lightly Cover with vermiculite or compost
Date: Autumn and January
Advice: Sow October onwards see individual varieties.

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