Peppers Sweet Corno di Toro Rosso Italian Range

Peppers Sweet Corno di Toro Rosso Italian Range
C. annuum
Bulls horn red, the traditional favourite in Italy. Long 15 to 20cm tapered, bull-horn shaped red peppers that are sweet and spicy. They are great fresh or roasted. Large plants yield well. Among the best peppers you can grow and so delicious. Pure Italian seed.

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General Information
General Sowing information: Sow January onwards 23-28°C cover seed lightly grow on at 20°C, plant out April (protected) onwards, harvest June onwards. Grow in conservatory, greenhouse or outdoors in warmer areas. Grow in a warm sheltered area ideal in pots on the patio or decking. Can be sown well into May but the crop will be ready for harvest later in the season (subject to a late hot summer!) Refers to UK climate.

Seed Info
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