PEA Alderman

PEA Alderman
Main Crop.
One of the finest tall varieties growing to 180cm tall, high yield of sweet tender peas, up to 11 succulent peas per pod. The pods are produced over a long harvesting period, plants require support.
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Pisum sativum General Sowing information: Sow early spring when soil temp is about 10°C (early varieties) Sow maincrop 4-5 weeks later. Sow by scattering seed in a wide 15cm flat bottomed trench 5cm deep make sure there is 5cm between seed, cover seed. Space rows 60-90cm apart. Keep moist and provide support when vines are 8-15cm tall. An old gardeners saying 'rows should be sown in a North to South direction' Pea Shoots - The top pair of leaves at the top of a pea stem that are very tender and very much a delicacy (snow peas are popular in the USA and Australia). Uses raw in salads, steamed or stir fried. Just about any variety can be used for pea shoots, outdoors should be ready for harvesting in approx 30 days. It is worth experimenting with varieties and methods. Peas can also be sprouted, ready in approx one week.

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