Papaver. Poppy somniferum Hens and Chickens

Papaver. Poppy somniferum Hens and Chickens
Papaver.Somniferum (Opium Poppy) 80cm
The ancient form of cultivated poppy grown for the curious seed pods, Each main pod is surrounded by masses of smaller pods giving the impression of a mother hen and chicks.

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Sowing Information
Common/Latin Name: Poppy
Type: Hardy Annual
Temperature: 15-20°C
Cover: Average layer vermiculite or compost
Date: Sow early spring or April - June outdoors Sow Sept to over winte
Advice: Grow in full sun. For a continuous display make successional sowings. Easily grown from seed. Papaver sowing info varies with variety, this is a general sowing information.