Mustard Salad white mustard

Mustard Salad white mustard
Sinapsis alba
Suited to punnet production and used in the sandwich trade and other specialist markets as used in mustard and cress punnet mixtures. Spicy flavour and used when 1-2cm long. Ready in 7 days. Seeds can be sown in a seed sprouter or in a jar with a muslin top. Keep seeds moist and clean by rinsing well twice a day and maintain a temp between 55 & 70 deg F. Seeds grown in the dark tend to be crisper. Can be sown outdoors as an excellent cut and come again crop. Sow in shallow drills. Very popular for micro greens and baby leaf.
40g Av 5,500 seeds

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General Sowing information: All you require is good compost/vermiculite, clean shallow trays, seed trays or punnets. They can be sown similar to mustard and cress mix, or sow them in vermiculite and place on a warm windowsill or greenhouse in good light. Harvest by cutting shoots close to growing medium surface when the first leaves have just opened, approx 1-2 weeks after sowing depending on time of year. They can be sown throughout the year. Seeds can be mixed for interesting micro mix salads.

Seed Info
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