Marigold. Zenith Mixed 20 seeds

Marigold. Zenith Mixed 20 seeds
Marigold F1 Triploid Zenith Mixed giving you a selection of single or double flowers on continuously blooming plants. Cross between French and African they are infertile and do not set viable seed, therefore free flowering and vigorous under extremes of weather. Impressive displays in borders, patio tubs and planters, the first flower is not always typical of the variety.

Zenith Mixed provides a stunning display of large double flowers in a mix of golden yellow, lemon yellow, orange, orange-red bicolour, red, red & gold bicolour and yellow.


Sowing Information
Common/Latin Name: French, Triploid and American
Type: Tender annual
Temperature: 20-25°C
Cover: Average layer vermiculite or compost
Date: Sow early Feb. onwards
Advice: Remove seed tray cover at first sign of seed germination. Sow French & Triploid Marigolds 8 weeks before they are required in flower. African or American Marigolds sow before mid February for plants in colour after last frosts.

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