Low Growing

Low Growing
Low Height A B P. coverage 5-10 sq. metres 100% wildflower mixture
Attractive, low-growing wildflowers, includes plants from a wide range of habitats. Sow 0.5 - 1g per sq metre
This mixture is ideal for creating an ornamental bed. Many of the species included are suitable for growing in a rock garden or at the edge of a border.
Species included :-
Birds-foot-Trefoil, Bugle, Campion, Celandine, centaury common, Cinquefoil Creeping, Cowslip, Dog-Violet, Fleabane, Harebell, Hawkweed, Oxlip, Pansy, Pimpernel, Primrose, Rock-Rose, St Johns Wort, Sheeps Bit, Speedwell, Wild Strawberry, Thrift, Thyme, Vetch and sweet Violet.

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