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Kubb game Number Kubb

Kubb game Number Kubb
Number Kubb made from rubberwood finished to a high standard this game will keep the party going for hours.
Set the pins up and take turns knocking them down, each person has one underarm throw you score by the number indicated on the pin knocked down. After each person has had one throw the pins are put back in their original place ready for the next player. Knock down more than one pin and you score the number of pins knocked down not the value of each pin. Winner of Number Kubb is the first person to score exactly 50. Score over 50 and you are penalised.
Set includes
1 x throwing stick 5.5cm dia x 24cm
12 number pins 5.5cm dia x 15cm
1 x carry bag
Rule book / Instructions. Was £23.95 Nov 2016