Helianthus. Sunflower Jade 10 seeds

Helianthus. Sunflower Jade 10 seeds
Lime green centres with nearly white petals, flowers 7-10cm in diameter and pollenless. F1 variety. Height 90-120cm 55-60 days


(Monday to Friday).

General Sowing Information for the Species
Common/Latin Name: Sunflowers
Type: Annual
Temperature: 20C
Cover: Average layer vermiculite or compost
Date: Sow spring and Summer
Advice: Sow into pots, containers or direct into open ground. Keep well fed and watered. Grow in a sunny site. Direct Sowing Sow sunflowers April to late June, direct into the flowering position when the ground has warmed up. Distance between rows depends on variety but up to 40cm for larger varieties. Space plants average 12-15 cm apart. Lightly cover the seeds and keep the seed bed moist. The optimum temperature for germination is 20°C minimum 5°C Sowing to first cutting approx 60 days in mid summer. POLLEN FREE VARIETIES Pollen free types are excellent for cut flowers, they are uniform and vigorous in growth even under low temperature and short day conditions. Dense planting will provide quality cut flowers. Pollen free varieties can be sown September to March under glass and April to August outdoors. Min night temp 8°C day max temp 25°C require little or no fertilizer and water sparingly.

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1 x Calabrese Stromboli 50 seeds
1 x Lisianthus. Advantage Purple 25 pellets
1 x Pumpkin Long Island Cheese 10 seeds
1 x Chilli Nosferatu 10 seeds
1 x Helianthus. Sunflower Giraffe 10 seeds
1 x Broad Bean Imperial Green Longpod 100g av 80 seeds
1 x Helianthus. Sunflower Jua Maya 10 seeds
1 x Lisianthus. Adom Deep Red 15 pellets
1 x Chilli 7 Pot Primo Red 10 seeds
1 x Kailaan Kichi Chinese Broccoli 200 seeds
1 x Iberis. Whiteout 50 seeds
1 x Helianthus. Sunflower Jade 10 seeds
1 x Chilli 7 pot Douglah Chocolate 10 seeds
1 x Calibrachoa. Kabloom Cherry 10 pellets
1 x Salad Onion Yoda 400 seeds
1 x Rocket Wild Athena 1,000 seeds
1 x Zinnia. Queen Lime with Blush 20 seeds
1 x Helianthus. Sunflower Tiger Eye 10 seeds
1 x Lisianthus. Rosanne Black Pearl 15 pellets
1 x Chilli 7 Pot Bubblegum 10 seeds
1 x Carnation. Can Can Scarlet 10 seeds
1 x Helianthus. Sunflower ProCut Red 10 seeds
1 x Kohlrabi Quickstar 50 seeds
1 x Calibrachoa. Kabloom Light Pink Blast 10 pellets
1 x Chilli Suraj Mukhi Red 10 seeds
1 x Tomato Bellandine Disease Resistant 10 seeds
1 x Helianthus. Sunflower Rouge Royale 10 seeds
1 x Aubergine Clara 10 seeds
1 x Lisianthus. Rosanne Green 15 pellets
1 x Chilli Big Black Mama 10 seeds
1 x Helianthus. Sunflower ProCut Plum 10 seeds
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1 x Lisianthus. Rosanne Deep Brown 15 pellets
1 x Tomato Buffalosun Disease Resistant 10 seeds
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1 x Chilli Carolina Reaper 10 seeds & Armageddon 8 seeds Chilli collection
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1 x Basil Thai Queenette 200 seeds
1 x Pumpkin Galeux d'Eysines 10 seeds
1 x Chilli Vampire 10 seeds