Grass Seed Prize Lawn

Grass Seed Prize Lawn
A mixture designed for high wear areas, use on fine lawns, landscaping, tennis courts and cricket outfields. Inclusion of dwarf ryegrass offers greater tolerance to wear. For extra durability increase the sowing rate. Contains creeping red fescue for increased visual quality. Dwarf perennial are specially selected for use in fine lawns.

55% Dwarf perennial ryegrass
20% Chewing fescue
20% Creeping red fescue
5% Browntop bent
Sowing rate 30-50g/m2 mown down to 15mm

PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING to Mainland England, Wales & Lowlands of Scotland

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General Sowing Information: Prepare the ground to a nice fine seed bed. Seed can be sown from mid March until early October, as long as during dry periods the seedbed is kept constantly moist until the grass is approx 5cm high. Water the seed bed with a fine spray to prevent the seeds or seedlings being displaced. A general rule of thumb to get a good established lawn is 50 grams of seed per square metre, allowing a little extra for filling in or patching at a later date. To sow the seed it is best to divide the area into easily managable sections and sow evenly over the area.

Seed Info
1 x Herby Salad Leaf Mixture 1g pkt
1 x Chilli Seeds Loco 10 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Bulgarian Carrot 20 seeds
1 x Acer Glabrum 20 seeds
1 x Abrus praecatorius Crabs eye Jumbie beads 10 tree seeds
1 x lettuce Baby Leaf Mixture 1g pkt
1 x Acer davidii 30 seeds
1 x Lettuce Bis Mixed Italian Range 1200 seed Mixture
2 x Basil Ruffles Purple 170 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Caldero 10 seeds
1 x Adansonia digitata (Baobab Tree) 5 seeds
1 x Acer triflorum 10 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Cayennetta 10 seeds
1 x Braising Mixture 1g
1 x Aubergine Pinstripe 10 seeds
1 x Komatsuna Sharaku 300 seeds
2 x Basil Lemon 500 seeds
1 x Chinese Cabbage Yukina Savoy oriental vegetable 250 seeds
1 x Crataegus Monogyna Hawthorn 25 seeds
1 x Squash Winter Butterbush 10 seeds
1 x Cryptomeria japonica 25 seeds
1 x Acer Rufinerve Red Veined Maple 10 seeds
1 x Leaf Radish Saisai 90 seeds
1 x Catalpa Bignonoides 30 seeds
1 x Courgette Patio Star 10 seeds
2 x Japanese Greens Mizuna 300 seeds
1 x Swede Marian 1000 Seeds
1 x Carrot Bambino 500 seeds
1 x Turnip Tokyo Cross 350 Seeds
1 x Beetroot Rainbow Beet Mixed 250 seeds
1 x Turnip Purple Top Milan 2000 seeds
1 x Radish Daikon 1000 seeds
1 x Carrot Nelson 250 seeds
1 x Carrot Rainbow F1 300 seeds
1 x Beet Leaf Bulls Blood 3 gram
1 x Radish Rambo 40 gram
1 x Saltwort or Agretti Land seaweed Okahijiki 100 seeds
1 x Micro Mix Mild 5g Mixture
1 x Radish DAIKON 40 gram
1 x Japanese Greens Mibuna 300 seeds
1 x Basil Lime 500 seeds
1 x Mustard Osaka Purple 500 seeds
1 x Mustard Red Garnet Giant 500 seeds
1 x Garlic Chives 100 seeds
1 x Watercress 1000 seeds
1 x Fennel Sweet 260 seeds
1 x Cabbage Red 40 gram
1 x Tokyo Bekana 250 seeds
1 x Swiss Chard Rhubarb Charlotte 3 gram
1 x Mustard Flaming Frills 500 seeds
1 x Celery Leaf Red Soup 1000 seeds
1 x Radish China Rose 500 seeds
1 x Micro Mix Spicy 5g Mixture
1 x Micro Greens Swiss Chard 1 gram
1 x Kale Collard Champion 250 seeds
1 x Chives 750 seeds
1 x Summer Savory 700 seeds
1 x Basil Sweet Salad 650 seeds
1 x Pak Choi Kinkoh 300 seeds
1 x Sorrel Red Veined 200 seeds
1 x Leek 30 gram
1 x Swiss Chard Yellow 100 seeds
1 x Celery Leaf Dark Green Soup 1000 seeds
1 x Fennel Bronze 200 seeds
1 x Free Offer. FREE SEED PKT