Giant 4 U408

Giant 4 U408
The traditional game resized to giant proportions!
Players take turns to strategically drop giant coins with the winner being the first player to connect four coins in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally!
The frame is beautifully crafted from English Ash and Mango woods giving a lovely natural look.
There is a removable wooden bar at the bottom of the face to enable easy release of the coins.

The Giant 4 set includes:
Total size of game when on legs 90cm wide x 80cm high
English Ash face 83cm wide x 61cm high
Mango wood legs and bar
42 x 9cm diameter plastic coins (21 red and 21 black)
Nylon storage bag (for coins)

(For a larger version see Mega 4 standing 100cm high and 120cm wide)