Garden Pond Edge

Garden Pond Edge
Medium to Tall Height A B P. coverage 5sq. metre 100% wildflower mixture
Sow 0.5 - 1 gram per sq metre. It will create a permanent mini habitat, as well as providing some butterfly and caterpillar food plants. The abundant vegetation will offer food and shelter to amphibians, birds and small mammals.
A balanced seed mixture of colourful mainly perennial, wild flowers of mixed heights and flowering periods. It contains a selection of attractive wild plants representative of those usually found growing on saturated soils such as marshy areas, margins of ponds, streams and ditches. It is intended for sowing without a grass seed mixture onto a prepared ground to create a permanent aquatic mini-habitat. As well as providing some butterfly and caterpillar food plants, the abundant vegetation will provide food and shelter for amphibians, birds and small mammals.
Species include :-
Angelica, Avens Water, Indian balsam, Birds-foot-trefoil, Bur-marigold, meadow Buttercup, Red Campion, Dame's-violet, Water Figwort, Common Fleabane, Gipsywort, Hemp-agrimony, Iris-yellow, Cuckooflower, Meadowsweet, Monkey flower, purple Loosestrife, Ragged Robin, St Johns-wort, Devils-bit Scabious, Selfheal, Sneezwort, Teasel, Tufted Vetch, Water-plantain, Marsh Woundwort.
5 gram

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