Flowering Lawn wildflower mix

Flowering Lawn wildflower mix
Sowing rate from 5g/m2

A MIXTURE OF FINE GRASSES AND LOW GROWING WILDFLOWERS WHICH CAN BE MAINTAINED AS A LAWN FROM October To April and mown infrequently between flushes of wildflowers during the summer. Use as a low maintenance transition from lawn to extensive grass. Also suitable for industrial sites, parks, estates and golf courses

Wildflowers include yarrow, ladies bedstraw, plantain, meadow buttercup, birdsfoot trefoil, white clover, selfheal, sorrel and salad burnet.
Grasses include Agrostis capillaries, Agrostis castellana, Festuca rubra, Cynosurus cristatus

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General Sowing information: Ideal for a wide range of applications including, amenity landscaping and habitat recreation or conservation and turning a corner of your garden into a wildlife haven. Sowing can take place at any time of the year so long as the weather is mild and a fine weed free tilth can be prepared. All mixtures subject to availability. Wildflower & Grass Mixtures Drill/Broadcast the seed at a rate of 5g/m2, 100% Wildflower mixtures Drill/Broadcast the seed at a rate from 1g/m2

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