Fenugreek sprouting seed

Fenugreek sprouting seed
H Annual Culinary herb
Fenugreek leaf and seed is used. An ingredient in curry powder. Seed is cooked or sprouted and eaten raw having quite a strong spicy flavour, also used in pickles and spice mixes. Can be soaked for 12 hours in warm water and then allowed to sprout for 3 - 5 days they can then be used in salads or cooked. Roasted seed used as a coffee substitute. Also a good green manure crop. Excellent for Micro Greens. 40 gram approx 3,200 seeds
For Green Manure Sow March to August, sowing rate 250 grams per 55 sq m, turn in before flowering.

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General Sowing information: All you require is good compost/vermiculite, clean shallow trays, seed trays or punnets. They can be sown similar to mustard and cress mix, or sow them in vermiculite and place on a warm windowsill or greenhouse in good light. Harvest by cutting shoots close to growing medium surface when the first leaves have just opened, approx 1-2 weeks after sowing depending on time of year. They can be sown throughout the year. Seeds can be mixed for interesting micro mix salads.

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