Easy and Colourful annual biennial and perennial

Easy and Colourful annual biennial and perennial
100% Wildflower mixture :- Low to Medium Height A B P. coverage 5-10sq. metre Sow 1/2-1 gram per sq metre
Wildflower mixture of perennial, biennial and some annual wildflowers this mixture contains attractive wild flowers which are easy to grow. Some species are rich in nectar for butterflies, bees and other insects.
A balanced general purpose seed mixture of colourful annual, biennial and mainly perennial wild flowers of mixed heights and flowering periods from many different habitats. It contains a selection of Britain's most showy and attractive native plants, which flower abundantly and are easily grown. It is intended to be sown without a grass seed mixture into prepared ground, and is suitable for creating a permanent ornamental bed.
Species include :-
Lady's bedstraw, salad burnet, meadow buttercup, birds-foot-trefoil, red & white campion, wild carrot, scentless chamomile, cornflower, cowslip, oxeye daisy, foxglove, common and greater knapweed, mallow common and musk, corn marigold, wild parsnip, pignut, hoary plantain, common poppy, ragged robin, field and small scabious, selfheal, lesser trefoil, kidney vetch, yarrow, yellow rattle.

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