Cottage Garden wildflower seed mixture

Cottage Garden wildflower seed mixture
Low to Medium Height A B P. Sow 1-2 grammes per sq metre coverage 5sq. metre 100% mixture
The mixture is a combination of garden flowers, wild flowers and herbs typical of what would be seen in gardens in Victorian times.
An interesting combination of colourful, well known cultivated flowers, wild flowers and herbs.
The mixture contains plants of mixed height and flowering periods intended to create a permanent ornamental bed. The combination of plants is typical of what would have been growing in a Victorian cottage garden. After the first year, the annual and biennial flowers will have to be re-introduced into the bed each year to ensure that a succession of the species is maintained. It is possible to let the annuals and biennials go to seed, lift them when they have died back and shake them over the area to distribute the seed, remove all grass and weed from the area, then lightly rake the area.
Sow April to May Species include :-
Cultivated flowers; Aster, Cornflower, Daisy, Goldenrod, Helineum, Hollyhock, Honesty, Larkspur, Love-in-a-mist, Mignonette, Poppy, Sweet-rocket, Sweet-william and Valerian red.
Wild flowers; Campion, Cornflower wild, Cowslip, Oxeye Daisy, Forget-me-not field, Foxglove, Jacobs-ladder, Mallow, Mullein, Wild Pansy, Wild Poppy, Welsh Poppy, Purple-loosestrife, Ragged Robin and Vipers-bugloss
Herbs; Lemon Balm, Bergamot, Borage, Hyssop, Lavender, Pot Marigold.
5 gram

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1 x Tomatillo Purple 30 seeds
1 x Kailaan White Flowered Chinese Broccoli 150 seeds
1 x Cress Polycress 10 gram
1 x Morus Alba 200 seeds
1 x Chinese Cabbage Natsuki 50 seeds
1 x Lettuce Exbury 300 seeds
1 x Physalis. Cape Gooseberry Dwarf Ground Cherry 100 seeds
1 x Melon Irina 10 seeds
1 x Komatsuna Shoganyan 400 seeds
1 x Aubergine Kaberi 10 seeds
1 x Broad Bean Stereo 50g av 100 seeds
1 x Courgette Piccolo 10 seeds
1 x 7ft White Speedster Slate Bed Pool Table
1 x Tomato Collection 2 Bloody Butcher Green Sausage Pink Brandywine Striped Stuffer Christmas Grapes Y' Stuffer Limmony Lemon Tree Y' Pygmy
1 x Sedum. Ruben's Lizard 100 seeds
1 x Peppers Sweet Popti 10 seeds
1 x Beetroot Bona 170 seeds
1 x Komatsuna Torasan 600 seeds
1 x Lettuce Bis Mixed Italian Range 1200 seed Mixture
1 x Squash Summer Moonbeam 10 seeds
1 x Leek Tornado 200 seeds
1 x Seed Spoon pack of 2
1 x Pak Choi You Qing Choi clubroot resistant 75 seeds
1 x Eschscholzia. Orange King 300 seeds
1 x Japanese Greens Mibuna 300 seeds
1 x Cabbage Felicity 30 seeds
1 x Tomato Gourmandia disease resistant 10 seeds
1 x Tomato Cherry Bomb 10 seeds
1 x Lettuce Maravilla De Verano Canasta 650 seeds
1 x Kale Nero De Toscana 300 seeds
1 x Chinese Cabbage Yuki clubroot resistance 125 seeds
1 x Swiss Chard Celebration 150 seeds
1 x Italian Special Mixture 5g av 7000 seeds
1 x Tomato Lucciola 10 seeds
1 x Lettuce 6 pkts Exbury Osterley Dixter Bridgemere Wentworth Ashbrook
1 x Tomato Tutti Frutti 10 seeds
1 x Arbutus Unedo Strawberry Tree 50 seeds
1 x Beetroot Boston 250 seeds
1 x Kohl Rabi Kref 50 seeds