Chinese Chives New Belt

Chinese Chives New Belt
Garlic Chives New Belt Asian vegetable seeds
Having thick flat leaves up to 10mm in width can be used green or blanched. Widely used in Chinese Cuisine.
Sown during spring the optimum germinating temperature is 20C, sown in seed trays/modules or plugs 1cm deep. Autumn sown seeds should be over wintered and planted out the following spring, they should be ready for their first harvest during late summer.
Prick plants out when large enough to handle and planted out where they are to grow 4-5 months later, in clumps of 8 or more plants 5cm deep and 20cm between plants. Sow direct in flat bottom drills 10cm wide 1cm deep thinly.

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1 x Tomato Seeds Green Giant 15 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Little Sun 10 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Wapsipinicon Peach 20 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Reif Red Heart 10 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Gardeners Delight 50 seeds
1 x Platycodon. Dwarf Sentimental Blue 16 seeds
1 x Eucalyptus. Mitchelliana 0.5g
1 x Lavender. Hidcote Blue 40 seeds
1 x Papaver. Poppy Danebrog 1000 seeds
1 x Ornamental Kale. Coral Prince 30 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Super Chilli 10 seeds
1 x Capsicum. Peppers Chilli Masquerade 10 seeds
1 x Runner Bean Hestia Patio Pot 50g
1 x PEA Sugar Snap Cascadia 100 seeds
1 x Capsicum. Peppers Chilli Calico 8 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Loco 10 seeds
1 x Courgette Midnight 10 seeds
1 x Aubergine Jackpot 10 seeds
1 x Peppers Sweet Mohawk 10 seeds
1 x PEA Meteor 200 seeds
1 x Carrot Mignon 500 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Holy Mole 10 chilli seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Basket of Fire 10 seeds
1 x Lemon Grass West Indian C citratus 100 seeds
1 x Herby Salad Leaf Mixture 1g pkt
1 x Chilli Seeds Demon Red 10 seeds
1 x Capsicum. Peppers Chilli Purple Flash 8 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds NuMex Centennial 15 seeds
1 x Capsicum. Peppers Chilli Garda Hocus Pocus 10 seeds
1 x Peppers Sweet Redskin 10 seeds
1 x Broad Bean Robin Hood 85g
1 x Aubergine Gretel 10 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Peppers Sweet Cajun Belle 10 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Tumbling Tom Yellow 15 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds White Currant 20 Tomato seeds
1 x Geranium. Maverick Quicksilver 10 seeds
1 x Aquilegia. William Guiness Double 20 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Japanese Black Trifele 10 seeds
1 x Meconopsis. Betonicifolia var. alba 40 seeds
1 x Amaranth Red Army 500 seeds
1 x Luffa. Cylindrica 12 seeds
1 x Leaf Radish Red Stemmed 1 gram
1 x Bean Climbing Yardlong 75 seeds
1 x Kailaan White Flowered Chinese Broccoli 150 seeds
1 x Chinese Cabbage Yukina Savoy oriental vegetable 250 seeds
1 x Burdock Takinogawa Asian vegetable 30 seeds
1 x Celtuce 600 seeds
1 x Chinese Celery Kintsai 1000 seeds
1 x Free Offer. FREE SEED PKT