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Chilli Satans Kiss 20 seeds

Chilli Satans Kiss 20 seeds
Ciliegia piccante known as Baccio Di Satana or Satans Kiss, a cherry type hot Italian heirloom variety from Calabria used for stuffed chillies. Fruits are approx 2cm round ripen from green to red and are hot little peppers. They tend to lose some of their heat when cooked. A traditional pepper from Italy that is stuffed with cheese ideally mozzarella and anchovies then grilled, also often seen in jars of olive oil stuffed with tuna. 90 days. Capsicum annuum. Hot Chilli


General Information
Capsicum General Sowing information: Chilli seeds and collections Sow seeds early as some hot peppers can take 120+ days from transplanting to fruiting. Temp should be maintained at the indicated temp 25-30°C chilli seeds will germinate at 25C but will take longer 30C+ is the preferred temp for hot chillies Jolokia, Morich, Tepin and Habanero chillies they can also be slow and erratic to emerge (allow up to 35+ days for germination) compost should not be too moist to prevent the seeds from rotting, keep chilli seed & seedlings out of draughts