Chavenage Bat Box plus 10g Bats in the garden wildflower seeds

Chavenage Bat Box plus 10g Bats in the garden wildflower seeds
Many bat species are in severe decline. The removal of old trees has reduced the availability of natural roost sites. Access to roosts in buildings is also falling as decaying woodwork is replaced by UPVC, and barns and loft spaces are converted for human habitation.
Bats - the only flying mammals - are nocturnal. During the day they need safe places to roost, out of the reach of predators. Most bats are very social animals, and so for much of the year chose roost sites where they can group together. Being relatively small, it is hard for bats to maintain their body temperature. Rather than building nests, they seek out places to roost that will help them to stay at the correct temperature.
Each bat will also eat hundreds of insects every night in order to stay in energy balance.
Bats can live for 15 years or more and are traditional in their roosting sites. Therefore once bats have moved into your house, they are likely to be annual visitors.
Bat houses look rather like bird boxes but with the entry hole at the bottom. The bats land on the vertical platform below the house, and quickly crawl up inside. Your bat box has been particularly designed to provide ideal roosting conditions for bats during the summer. It may also be used at other times of year, though not in mid-winter.

This natural and attractive Bat Box will fit into any garden, woodland or house wall site and can help in bat conservation. It is made from high quality durable timber providing longevity and excellent insulation. Bats need Habitat as many of their roost have been lost over recent years. The narrow entrance slot and strong timber help to discourage predators. New building may require the provision of bat boxes/roosts.
H. 380mm W. 180mm D. 100mm - Approx Weight 2.4kg

Bats in The Garden seed mix & Bat Box :- This mix contains a wide range of attractive Nectar rich Species of wild flowers, cultivated flowers and herbs. Many have night scented flowers that are particularly attractive to the night flying insects on which bats feed
Includes 10g of Bats in The Garden wildflower seed mixture for £3.50 (Save £2.40) to Bat Nesting Box
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