Begonia. Dragon Wing Red 10 Pelleted sds

Begonia. Dragon Wing Red 10 Pelleted sds
Spread up to 45cm
Pelleted seed Sow 22-24°C on compost surface sowing to flowering approx 22 weeks.
F1 Hybrid. A truly spectacular Begonia with Glossy green, angel winged leaves and huge scarlet blooms that are somewhat pendulous, being produced on very vigorous and well-branched plants. An excellent specimen plant that makes outstanding hanging baskets and large containers. Plants should be placed with the growing shoot facing outward ensuring flowers on the outside of the finished container.

Dragon Wing RED


Sowing Information
Type: Half hardy annual
Temperature: 20-25°C
Cover: Do not cover Seed of this species
Date: Sow December to March or April to May for plants ready July to A
Advice: Shade from direct sunlight, do not let compost dry out, but do not saturate. Maintain high humidity. April-May sowings produce plants from July-August. BEGONIA Tuberous Rooted Glasshouse Perennial Grown as Half hardy annual 20°C req's high humidity. Plants are daylight sensitive req more than 12 hours daylength. May req additional lighting until late march. Approx 20-22 weeks sowing to flowering

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