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Bat 5 Magenta Bat Detector

Bat 5 Magenta Bat Detector
The Magenta Bat 5 Digital Quartz Bat Detector has a backlit 4 digit LCD frequency display, a high stability, easily tuned local oscillator and advanced amplification and filtering circuits.
Extended 10 - 130kHz frequency range; large 4 digit LCD frequency display with backlighting for easy visibility day and night. Quartz accurate -always calibrated displaying frequency to within 0.1kHz. Front-facing weatherproof speaker, built in led torch, wrist strap, headphone and tape sockets. Uses 4 AAA batteries (plain, or rechargeable types) not included.
Bats use inaudible ultrasonic ‘sounds’ like a sophisticated radar system to avoid obstacles and locate prey. The bat5 detector takes the inaudible high frequency ultrasound and converts it to frequencies between 100Hz and 12kHz which are in the range of human hearing. The detector can be tuned to receive a range of frequencies from 10 to 130 kHz. The sounds are heard via a built in waterproof loudspeaker, and there is a socket to connect standard stereo ‘walkman type’ headphones. A separate constant ‘low level’ output is provided for connection to a tape recorder or PC sound card.