Basil Sweet Genovese

Basil Sweet Genovese
H H annual Culinary herb
Ocimum basilicum
The most commonly grown variety of basil, taller with larger leaves, uses in salads especially with tomatoes, pasta sauces, pesto, combines well with garlic. Requires a sunny sheltered position. By removing flowering shoots the plant will produce more shoots which will increase the harvest of leaves. Basil Sweet Genovese is excellent to grow alongside tomatoes for a companion plant. Ideal for Micro Greens & Baby Leaf Herbs and to grow indoors on a sunny windowsill. Which Best Buy - best for the kitchen. Approx 600 seeds per gram

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General Sowing Information: Sow at closer denesity than normal, harvest when leaves are young and tender. Many varieties are cut and come again, successional sowings throughout the growing season will ensure a continuous supply of salad leaf.

Seed Info
1 x Peppers Sweet Antohi Romanian 15 seeds
1 x Grasses. Luzula Lucius 40 seeds
1 x Grasses. Festuca Glauca 200 seeds
1 x Grasses. Melica transsilvanica Red Spire 50 seeds
1 x Grasses. Juncus Javelin 10 Multi Pelleted seeds
1 x Grasses. Uncinia egmontiana 50 seeds
1 x Grasses. Melinis Nerviglumis Savannah 40 seeds
1 x Grasses. Panicum Frosted Explosion 40 seeds
1 x Grasses. Isolepis Live Wire 25 multi seeded pellets
1 x Grasses. Carex Comans Amazon Mist 10 Multi Seeded Pellets
1 x Millet. Purple Baron 10 seeds
1 x Grasses. Pennisetum Villosum 80 seeds
1 x Grasses. Stipa Tenuissima Pony Tails 100 seeds
1 x Grasses. Luzula Starmaker 40 seeds
1 x Grasses. Juncus Inflexus Blue Arrows 10 Pellets
1 x Grasses. Milium Effusum 35 seeds
1 x Grasses. Juncus Spiralis Twister 10 Pelleted seeds
1 x Pampas Grass. White Feather Cortaderia Selloana 100 flower seeds
1 x Grasses. Eragrostis Abyssinica 400 seeds
1 x Grasses. Phalaris Canariensis 80 seeds
1 x Grasses. Festuca Valesiaca Glaucantha 150 seeds
1 x Pampas Grass. Pink Feather Cortaderia Selloana 100 flower seeds
1 x Millet. Limelight 80 seeds
1 x Grasses. Briza Maxima 450 seeds
1 x Millet. Purple Majesty 10 seeds
1 x Millet. Jester 10 seeds
1 x Grasses. Annual Varieties Mixed 1g
1 x Grasses. Eragrostis Weeping Love Grass 80 seeds
1 x Grasses. Carex Comans Bronze curls 100 seeds
1 x Grasses. Agrostis nebulosa 600 seeds
1 x Vacapack 4 Strip insert
1 x Vacapak 5 Strip insert
1 x RHS Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi with GEL 360g
1 x Precision Seed Sower
1 x Earthworms
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1 x Pollinating Bee Log Wildlife Habitat
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1 x Basil Lemon 500 seeds
1 x Basil Superbo 500 seeds
1 x Basil Spice 300 sds
1 x Basil Christmas 200 seeds
1 x Basil Ruffles Purple 170 seeds
1 x Basil Blue Spice 300 seeds
1 x Basil Green Globe 110 seeds
1 x Basil Cinnamon 500 seeds
1 x Free Offer. FREE SEED PKT