Basil Italian Large Leaf Italian Range

Basil Italian Large Leaf Italian Range
H H annual
Ocimum basilicum
High yielding sweeter pesto variety. Medium dark green leaves up to 10cm long on a large plant of 60-90cm tall. Ready in approx 80 days. Sweeter tasting and less clove like than the Italian Genovese variety. Culinary herb. 1g approx 600 seeds

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1 x Broad Bean Robin Hood 85g
1 x Runner Bean Scarlet Empire 50g
1 x Runner Bean Lady Di 50g
1 x Broad Bean Stereo 50 gram
1 x Dwarf French Bean Borlotto Supremo Nano 50g
1 x Runner Bean Wisley Magic 50g
1 x Bean Yin Yang 50 seeds
1 x Climbing French Bean Goldfield 50g
1 x Dwarf French Bean Purple Queen 50g
1 x Runner Bean Polestar 50g
1 x Climbing French Bean Fasold 50g Av 200 seeds
1 x Runner Bean Enorma 50 gram
1 x Runner Bean Hestia Patio Pot 50g
1 x Broad Bean Aquadulce 85g
1 x Climbing French Bean Hunter 50g
1 x Runner Bean Firestorm 50g
1 x Climbing French Bean Cosse Violette 50g 165 seeds
1 x Dwarf French Bean Stanley 50g
1 x Dwarf French Bean Capitano 50g
1 x Climbing French Bean Blue Lake 100 seeds
1 x Dwarf French Bean Nautica 50g
1 x Runner Bean Moonlight 50g
1 x Bean Valdor Wax Bean 25g
1 x Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition 100g
1 x Bean Soya bean Siverka 20g av 40 seeds
1 x Pea Bean 20 gram av 40 seeds
1 x Broad Bean Witkiem Manita 100g
1 x Climbing French Bean Sultana 50 seeds
1 x Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Long pod 100g
1 x Climbing French Bean Cobra 50 seeds
1 x Bean Climbing Yardlong 75 seeds
1 x Runner Bean Tenderstar 50g
1 x Dwarf French Bean Sprite 50g Av 225 seeds
1 x Quoits Deluxe Garden Games UB
1 x Football 5 A Side Set Youths Garden Games U870Y
1 x Sand Sailer
1 x Dice Large Wooden UG520
1 x Mini Space hopper 45cm
1 x Snakes and Ladders
1 x Giant Up 4 It FULL set of 42 spare counters
1 x Longworth Croquet set 4 player supplied in Pine Box
1 x Sweet Pea. Old Spice Mixed 15 seeds
1 x Sweet Pea. Ripple Formula Mixed 15 seeds
1 x Sweet Pea. Queen Alexandria 15 seeds
1 x Sweet Pea. Captain of the Blues 15 seeds
1 x Sweet Pea. Lord Nelson 15 seeds
1 x Sweet Pea. Bristol 15 seeds
1 x Sweet Pea. High Scent 15 seeds
1 x Sweet Pea. Mrs Collier 15 seeds
1 x Lettuce Rossa Ricciolina Taglio Italian Range 1200 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Rio Grande 40 seeds
1 x Radish Candela di Fuoco Italian Range 110 seeds
1 x Chicory Variegata di Castelfranco Italian Range 200 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Cuore de Toro 10 seeds
1 x Basil Envigor Italian Range 250 seeds
1 x Lettuce Lollo Rossa 400 seeds
1 x Lettuce Bionda A Foglia Liscia 1200 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Costoluto Fiorentino 20 seeds
1 x Lettuce Biscia Rossa Italian Range 1000 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Roma Nano 30 seeds
1 x Chilli Seeds Ciliegia piccante Satans Kiss Italian range 20 seeds
1 x Courgette Tromboncino Italian Range 10 seeds
1 x Peppers Sweet Diablo Italian Range 10 seeds
1 x Lettuce Radichetta Barba Di Frate Italian Range 1000 seeds
1 x Tomato Seeds Costoluto Genovese 25 seeds
1 x Cabbage Kale Black Cavolo Nero De Toscana 75 seeds
1 x Free Offer. FREE SEED PKT