Aubergine Hansel 10 seeds

Aubergine Hansel 10 seeds
Eggplant you can harvest at any size from 2 inches until 10 inches long.
The only one of its kind in the world! AAS Winner
55 days from transplanting. A breeding breakthrough extraordinaire. Hansel F1 is the first eggplant that lets you choose when you want to harvest it. The glossy, dark purple, mild sweet fruits are ready at 2 inches, yet keep their tender texture and rich flavour as they grow, so you can harvest them at any time up to about 10 inches or so. The 55-day harvest time is when you can pick the fruit at 2 inches for baby veg, a gourmet treat. But several weeks later, as it gets bigger and bigger on the vine, these long, slender eggplants will still be just as delicious. Nearly seedless, they are great for frying or baking.

Expect the fruit to arise in clusters of 3 to 6 on very compact plants just 3 feet high and 2 1/2 feet wide. Stake or cage them to hold up their huge bounty of fruit, then sit back and enjoy eggplant fresh from the garden whenever you like, not when nature dictates.
Hansel won a 2008 All-America Selection and is certain to become the popular favourite among eggplant lovers everywhere.


General Information
Eggplant Solanum melongena, S.torvum General Sowing information: Sow January onwards, plant out end of April onwards after the last frost, harvest July onwards. Recommended to be grown under cover but if grown outdoors in warm areas plant out June and harvest mid August onwards. Sow 20-30°C in trays onto seed compost and lightly cover, soaking the seeds in warm water 24hrs prior to sowing aids germination. prick out into 9cm pots then transplant into large pots then into sheltered site in garden when all risk of frost has passed space 50-60cm between plants. Keep well watered and feed every week. Greenhouse:- grow in 20cm pots, greenhouse borders or growing bags. Outdoors in pots, growbags or direct into garden soil.

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