Army of Frogs

Army of Frogs
Army of Frogs (AoF) is a family game that will drive you hopping mad!
Strategically place your Frog stones and hop over other Frogs, aiming to connect all of the Frogs of your own colour while preventing your opponents from doing the same.
The game helps to develop strategic planning, spatial awareness and problem solving skills, but most of all it is brilliant fun!
The name "Army of Frogs" refers to the collective noun for a group of frogs, similar to a school of fish or even a murder of crows.
An Army of Frogs set contains 40 Frog stones (measuring 47 mm from tip to tip), 4 colour indicator discs, an illustrated rules leaflet and a cloth bag.

Rules and how to play

Please note that this is just a summary of the Army of Frogs rules. A more comprehensive guide is enclosed with each game.

Army of Frogs is a game for 2-4 players, in which players place differently coloured Frog stones to build an island. The aim is to be the first player to link all of the Frogs of your own colour together once seven or more of your Frogs are part of the island.

The basic rules

Each player chooses a colour and places the corresponding colour indicator disc on the table in front of them. Discard any Frogs that do not belong to any of the players and put the remaining Frog stones in the bag provided. Each player then picks a 'hand' of two Frogs from the bag. One player starts by placing either of their two Frogs in the centre of the table and taking a replacement Frog from the bag. Play then continues in a clockwise direction. During each turn, the players must undertake the following three actions in the order shown:

1) move one of your own Frogs, if this is possible
2) then add one of the Frogs from your hand to the island
3) then take a replacement Frog from the bag

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