Ammi Majus. Queen of Africa

Ammi Majus. Queen of Africa
1-1.4m Annual cut flower CUSTOMERS FAVOURITE
An excellent selection for cut flowers. Large white flower heads that can be dyed to the growers / end users requirements. Grow outdoors or under cover in fertile well drained soil in either full sun or partial shade. Ammi majus is used both in mixed and single bouquets. For outdoor and greenhouse production. For greenhouse culture, the more uniform and less branching 'Queen of Africa' is recommended. Sow at intervals, preferably direct. Characteristics are: uniform germination, even growth, strong upright stems and no yellowing of the leaves. The secondary umbels do not overgrow the main umbel. Harvest in one go is advisable. In rainy periods Queen of Africa keeps in better shape than the conventional Ammi. Less influenced by low light conditions, and very suitable for growing in a greenhouse.

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Sowing Information
Type: Annual cut flower
Temperature: 15-20°C
Cover: Lightly cover seed
Date: Sow March onwards
Advice: direct sow

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