Medicago sativa
Very nutritious and rich in vitamins, use Alfalfa sprouted in salads, for micro greens, sandwiches, casseroles and stir fries all year round.
Ready in 4-6 days when 1-4cm long and green leaves appear.
40g Av 23,000 seeds

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General Sowing information: All you require is good compost/vermiculite, clean shallow trays, seed trays or punnets. They can be sown similar to mustard and cress mix, or sow them in vermiculite and place on a warm windowsill or greenhouse in good light. Harvest by cutting shoots close to growing medium surface when the first leaves have just opened, approx 1-2 weeks after sowing depending on time of year. They can be sown throughout the year. Seeds can be mixed for interesting micro mix salads.

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