Here you will find a list of just some of the the many varieties to sow month by month.


Best sellers

  • Marigold. Durango Mixed 50 seeds

    Tagetes patula
    Excellent bedding variety with extra large anemone type flowers in a good range of colours from two tone, yellows [...]

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  • Broad Bean Aquadulce 85g av 60 seeds

    Early Variety with extra long pods. Specially recommended as the standard over-winter variety. Medium sized plants with high yields of pods [...]

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  • Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition 100g av 75-80 seeds

    The most popular, spring sown, early English white longpod Broad Bean. A heavy cropper with 5-7 beans per pod, pod length 25-30cm. Sow Bunyards [...]

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