Here you will find a list of just some of the the many varieties to sow month by month.


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  • Sweet Corn Popcorn Peppy 5 gram pkt

    Popping corn Peppy F1
    Excellent variety bred for pop corn.

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  • Cabbage Tinty 30 seeds

    A red pointed F1 ballhead type which is distinguised by a deep red colour both internally and externally. It has a delicious fresh yet spicy taste to [...]

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  • Coleus. Wizard Coral Sunrise 40 seeds

    The ultimate in seed grown coleus with a wide & varied colour range. Excellent dwarf basal branching habit. Superb for that splash of colour from [...]

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  • Turnip Falko 250 seeds

    Round shaped hybrid Milan type with purple top and white base. Falko is smooth skinned with a high heat tolerance. Suitable for early protected [...]

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