Root VegetablesRoot vegetables to grow from seed include beetroot, carrots, parsnip, radish, salsify, scorzonera and swede.

Root Vegetables

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  • Carrot Nantes 2 av 2000 seeds

    Carrot 2nd early, maincrop. An early tender maincrop carrot (tapered stump), virtually coreless with excellent texture, colour and sweet flavour. Sow [...]

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  • Carrot Bambino 500 seeds

    baby veg
    Early, Second early and maincrop carrot. A baby carrot variety producing slender, cylindrical blunt roots with a very small core. Smooth [...]

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  • Radish French Breakfast 1000 seeds

    Oval shaped with white tip. A vigorous fast maturing mild flavoured radish.

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