Root VegetablesRoot vegetables to grow from seed include beetroot, carrots, parsnip, radish, salsify, scorzonera and swede.

Root Vegetables

Best sellers

  • Carrot Mokum 350 seeds

    Early variety. Along with Nelson, top-rated for taste in the early varieties, sweet, crisp and juicy. Good, slender, bunched pencil hybrid carrots. A [...]

    Price £2.15

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  • Beetroot Rainbow Beet Mixed 250 seeds

    A stunning mixture of five beetroot varieties Subeto, Chioggia, Bulls Blood Scarletta, Albina Vereduna and Boldor, all have superb [...]

    Price £1.60

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  • Carrot Mignon 500 seeds

    Early sowing baby veg variety ideal for cold frame or cloches, sow for successional harvests in patio pots and containers. A quick maturing baby [...]

    Price £0.95

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