WILDFLOWERSThe following selection of wildflower seeds are the most popular varieties, their beauty and colour make them ideal subjects for the garden, sourced from leading British Wildflower seeds producers. Sowing time for wildflowers is all year round with best results sowing either March to early May, or from August to September. Wildflower seeds are best either broadcast sown into a prepared bed or sown into individual trays or pots. Germinate fine seeds on the surface.


Best sellers

  • Cranesbill Bloody Geranium sanguineum 10 seeds

    Single flowers of a deep magenta with purple veins carried on long stalks. Habitat coastal areas, [...]

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  • Garden Pond Edge

    Medium to Tall Height A B P. coverage 5sq. metre 100% wildflower mixture
    Sow 0.5 - 1 gram per sq [...]

    Price £2.75

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  • Primrose Primula Vulgaris 50 wildflower seeds

    Primula Vulgaris
    Hgt 10 - 20cm Flowers December to May
    Pale yellow flowers. [...]

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  • Daisy Bellis perennis

    Bellis perennis
    Hgt 5-10 cm Flowers February to October
    White flowers with a [...]

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  • Scabious Field 125 seeds

    Knautia arvensis - Field Scabious
    Hgt 30 - 100cm Flowers July to [...]

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  • Harebell Campanula rotundifolia Bluebell of Scotland 1000 seeds

    Campanula rotundifolia - Bluebell of Scotland wildflower
    Hgt 15- 40cm Flowers July [...]

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  • Marsh Cinquefoil Potentilla palustris 250 seeds

    Potentilla palustris
    Hgt 50-60cm Flowers May to July
    Origin Shropshire Redish [...]

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  • Thistle Milk 30 seeds

    Silybum marianum - Milk Thistle, Blessed Milk-Thistle, Kanger, Thistle [...]

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