WILDFLOWER SPECIESBuy British Native Wildflower seeds from the most popular varieties to the rare and unusual, their beauty and colour make wildflowers ideal subjects for the garden, landscaping and meadows, sourced from leading British Wildflower seed producers. Sowing time for wildflowers is all year round with best results sowing either March to early May, or from August to September. Wildflower seeds are best either broadcast sown into a prepared bed or sown into individual trays or pots. Germinate fine wildflower seeds on the surface.


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  • Jacobs Ladder Blue Polemonium caeruleum 120 seeds

    Polemonium caeruleum - Polemonium, Greek valerian, Charity
    Herb or Wildflower of the garden. Blue flowered border plant. Flowers June [...]

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  • Best 3 Annuals wildflower seed mixture 5 gram

    100% Wild flower mixture :- Low to Medium Height Annuals coverage 5sq metre
    Species include:-
    Corn Marigold (chrysanthemum segetum) attractive [...]

    Price £2.75

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  • Yellow Rattle Rhinanthus minor - Hay Rattle 1 gram

    Yellow flowers, the name yellow rattle comes from the ripe seeds rattling in the seed capsules. Hemiparasite it lives of minerals and water from the [...]

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