WILDFLOWER SEEDSBuy Wildflower seeds from the most popular varieties to the rare and unusual, their beauty and colour make them ideal subjects for the garden, sourced from leading British Wildflower seed producers. Sowing time for wildflowers is all year round with best results sowing either March to early May, or from August to September. Wildflower seeds are best either broadcast sown into a prepared bed or sown into individual trays or pots. Germinate fine seeds on the surface.


Best sellers

  • Harebell Campanula rotundifolia Bluebell of Scotland 1000 seeds

    Campanula rotundifolia - Bluebell of Scotland wildflower
    Hgt 15- 40cm Flowers July [...]

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  • Mallow Common

    H perennial
    Common Mallow
    Malva Sylvestris - Blue Mallow
    Common Mallow prefers a sunny [...]

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  • Tansy 1000 seeds

    Tanecatum vulgare
    Tansy is grown for its long lasting yellow flower heads. Used in [...]

    Price £1.35

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  • Flowering Lawn mixture 15 gram

    Covers approx 3sq metres
    A mixture of fine grasses and low growing wildflowers which can be [...]

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  • Daisy Oxeye Leucanthemum vulgare

    Leucanthemum vulgare
    Hgt 20 - 100 cm Oxeye Daisy flowers May to August
    White [...]

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  • Clover Kent Wild White Clover Trifolium repens 5 gram pkt

    Kent Wild White Clover Perennial
    Trifolium repens
    Hgt 0.1m White Clover flowers June to [...]

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  • Eyebright Euphrasia nemorosa 2000 seeds

    Euphrasia nemorosa
    Hgt up to 30cm Flowers July to September
    Natural habitat chalky [...]

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  • Hemlock Conium maculatum POISONOUS

    Conium maculatum - Poison Parsley, Cowbane, Poison Hemlock, Baldiran
    Hgt 50-250cm [...]

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