Here you will find a list of just some of the the many varieties to sow month by month.

Best sellers

  • Helichrysum. King Size Formula mix 700 seeds

    Large flowered extra double annual Strawflowers, one of the best varieties of everlasting flowers for gardeners and growers, use for dried and fresh [...]

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  • Courgette Black Forest 5 seeds

    A climbing variety, suitable for scrambling up a trellis or fence, where it will produce an abundance of dark green 15cm fruits. Tie the stems in [...]

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  • Strawberry. Summer Breeze Rose 10 seeds

    The rose like semi double flowers are a real eye catcher. With rose like semi double flowers, these F1 compact plants produce a cascade of flowers [...]

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  • Helichrysum. Tom Thumb 200 seeds

    Strawflower or everlasting flower. Ideal for dried flower arrangements, has a self supporting habit, fully double flowers in a mixture of vivid [...]

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  • Onion Isobel Rose 200 seeds

    An attractive medium sized pink skinned onion with delightful internal colour and alternate pink and white rings. Less pungent than red varieties, [...]

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  • Courgette Darko 10 seeds

    Medium-dark straight hybrid courgette with green, cylindrical fruits grow up to a length of 18-20cm (7-8 in). Has a High yield potential over a long [...]

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  • Perpetual Spinach Leaf Beet Large 400 seeds

    Cut and come again, baby leaf. Heavy cropping of succulent dark green leaves, that are used as spinach. Suitable for cutting over a long period [...]

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  • Runner Bean Jackpot mix 30 seeds

    Dwarf decorative and tasty beans, ideal for containers in various flower colours, white, pink, red and a bi-colour. Impoved cropping and bean quality [...]

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