Here you will find a list of just some of the the many varieties to sow month by month.

Best sellers

  • Salad Onion Ramrod 200 seeds

    British bred white bulb variety with erect stiff leaves, make successional sowings from spring onwards for summer, autumn and spring crops. Winter [...]

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  • Cabbage Jewel Winter 50 seeds

    Winter cabbage, Spring greens. An excellent hybrid pointed cabbage ideal for overwinter production of greens. Very compact variety, slow to heart. [...]

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  • Broccoli White Eye 200 seeds

    A very early white sprouting broccoli, uniform in habit producing tender white spears for harvesting from February through to April.

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  • Ornamental Kale. Northern Lights Mixed 30 seeds

    Ornamental brassica produces a well proportioned plant from a may - June sowing. Rosettes of leaves tightly packed in the centre, ideal for [...]

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  • Stachys. Lanata 150 seeds

    Lambs Ear, evergreen plants that make good dense ground cover. Rose coloured flowers appear above the wooly silvery foliage. Ideal for border/path [...]

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  • Carrot Red Samurai 500 seeds

    2nd early, F1 maincrop. A red skinned carrot with distinctive bright red skin and pinky inner flesh. Long tapered roots. Japanese bred carrot. Sow [...]

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  • Chilli Superhots Brain Strain VEG040, Butch T VEG220, Carolina Reaper VEG581, Bhut Jolokia VEG781, Moruga Scorpion VEG1158

    Carolina Reaper 12 seeds
    Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 10 seeds
    Trinidad Scorpion Butch 'T' 10 seeds
    Trinidad 7 Pot Brain Strain 10 [...]

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  • Coleus. Kong Lime Sprite 10 pellets

    An extremely large leaf variety with unique leaf patterns. Plants are well branched and will make a bold statement in any border or [...]

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New Products For November

  • Dwarf French Bean Mistik 120 Seeds

    A heavy cropper with all pods held well above foliage for easy picking. Stunning in the vegetable garden or containers, pots and windowboxes with [...]

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  • Onion Isobel Rose 200 seeds

    An attractive medium sized pink skinned onion with delightful internal colour and alternate pink and white rings. Less pungent than red varieties, [...]

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  • Helichrysum. King Size Formula mix 700 seeds

    Large flowered extra double annual Strawflowers, one of the best varieties of everlasting flowers for gardeners and growers, use for dried and fresh [...]

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  • Delphinium. Diamonds Blue 15 seeds

    Dazzling electric blue flowers, superior F1 vigour and uniformity. Hardy first year flowering perennial, flowers May to September. Ideal for garden [...]

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  • Calabrese Marathon 30 seeds

    Large blue-green heads which are slow to run to seed. This F1 Calabrese has a good disease resistance. Sow in September or from February to [...]

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  • American Cress or Land cress 750 seeds

    Also known as Uplands Cress, easy to grow, slow bolting. Young leaves used raw or cooked as seasoning. Having a hot spicy flavour they are a useful [...]

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  • Delphinium. Guardian Blue 10 seeds

    Tall bedding variety, uniform bloomming approx 6 weeks faster from trasnplatnt to bloom than stand open pollinated types. Tall spikes of deep blue [...]

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  • Kale Cottagers 50 seeds

    A fine Heritage variety, Cottages has unusual green/purple leaves, is extremly hardy, providing a tasty supply of leaves throughout the winter. [...]

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