VEGETABLESVegetable seeds, we have over 1,000 varieties of vegetables to grow from seed, oriental veg, baby veg, patio, container, cut and come again vegetable seeds, heirloom, Italian range, tomato, pepper, beans, peas, salad and root vegetable seeds. Nothing can compare to harvesting your own vegetables full of freshness and flavour straight from the garden. No matter what the size of your garden, from containers on the patio to planting veg in your flower borders or growing veg on an allotment, it's simple and easy to grow vegetable plants from seed.
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  • Dwarf French Bean Nautica 50g

    Plant height approx 50-60cm. A vigorous, black seeded variety producing high yields of very fine pencil pods, typically 13cm in length with a [...]

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  • Okra Jambalaya 10 seeds

    Abelmoschus esculentus
    Extra early compact plant producing an abundance of dark green glossy 4-5" tapered, evenly sized pods with a delicious [...]

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  • Broad Bean Grano Violetto

    Early maturing variety.
    Heritage variety with an excellent flavour. Sow Grano Violetto from October to November or from February to March. Fresh [...]

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