VEGETABLESVegetable seeds we have over 1,000 varieties to grow from seed, oriental veg, baby veg, patio, container, cut and come again seeds, heirloom, Italian range, tomato, pepper, beans, peas, salad and root vegetable garden seeds. Nothing can compare to harvesting your own vegetables full of freshness and flavour straight from the garden. No matter what the size of your garden, from containers on the patio to planting vegetables in your flower border or growing veg on an allotment, it's simple and easy to grow vegetable plant seeds.
FERA Registered vegetable seeds packer number 7049.


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  • Dill 850 seeds

    HH annual Culinary herb
    Anethum graveolens
    Feathery leaves used in salads and with fish. Dill [...]

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  • Lettuce Dunrobin 1 gram

    A red cos with all the attributes of traditional cos. The red colour is most intense in summer. [...]

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  • Chinese Celery Kintsai 1000 seeds

    Apium graveolens Asian vegetable seeds
    Slender celery stems and leaves with a strong flavour. [...]

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  • Courgette Alfresco 10 seeds

    cucurbita pepo
    Alfresco is a pale green skinned hybrid courgette with firm flesh, fruits having [...]

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