TOMATO SEEDSGrow your own tomatoes from seed. You will find over 200 tomato seeds, we are a UK seed supplier for heirloom tomatoes, disease resistant, hanging basket, outdoor, glasshouse, plum, cherry, grape, currant, beefsteak, paste, sauce and patio. FERA Registered packer number 7049

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  • Tomato Gourmandia disease resistant 10 seeds

    Beefsteak, F1 oxheart variety, heart shaped large red pointed fruits that melt in the mouth, large very fleshy fruits weigh 250 to 300g. Plants are [...]

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  • Tomato Tutti Frutti 10 seeds

    An elongated F1 sweet red cherry tomato, high sugar content and very tasty, vigorous plants and heavy cropping, fruits weigh 15 to 20g Ideal size for [...]

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  • Tomato Cherry Bomb 10 seeds

    Cherry Bomb F1 tomato seeds blight resistant. Vigorous plants produce high yields of bright red cherry size tomatoes, nice and sweet, ideal for [...]

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  • Tomato Buffalosteak disease resistant 10 seeds

    Fruits are large, bright red, flattened and slightly ribbed, flesh is very meaty with few seeds. Earlier than Supersteak, very productive F1 [...]

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  • Tomato Virgilio disease resistant 10 seeds

    Produces large, dark red, ribbed fleshy fruits with excellent flavour. Vigorous F1 variety fruits weigh 200 to 250g, disease resitant and heavy [...]

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  • Tomato Olivade 10 seeds

    Tomato Olivade early hybrid variety, medium sized attractive red plum shaped juicy fruits, with an excellent flavour. Ideal in salads or cooked in [...]

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  • Tomato Opalka 15 seeds

    A heirloom Tomato from Poland, Opalka is one of the best paste tomatoes, it has very few seeds has an excellent sweet flavour and holds well on the [...]

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  • Tomato Orange Banana 20 seeds

    Unique, orange, banana-shaped paste tomatoes. These tomatoes are bursting with fruity sweetness. Perfect for drying, canning, paste and delicious [...]

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1 x Tomatillo Purple 30 seeds
1 x Kailaan White Flowered Chinese Broccoli 150 seeds
1 x Cress Polycress 10 gram
1 x Morus Alba 200 seeds
1 x Chinese Cabbage Natsuki 50 seeds
1 x Lettuce Exbury 300 seeds
1 x Physalis. Cape Gooseberry Dwarf Ground Cherry 100 seeds
1 x Melon Irina 10 seeds
1 x Komatsuna Shoganyan 400 seeds
1 x Aubergine Kaberi 10 seeds
1 x Broad Bean Stereo 50g av 100 seeds
1 x Courgette Piccolo 10 seeds
1 x 7ft White Speedster Slate Bed Pool Table
1 x Tomato Collection 2 Bloody Butcher Green Sausage Pink Brandywine Striped Stuffer Christmas Grapes Y' Stuffer Limmony Lemon Tree Y' Pygmy
1 x Sedum. Ruben's Lizard 100 seeds
1 x Peppers Sweet Popti 10 seeds
1 x Beetroot Bona 170 seeds
1 x Komatsuna Torasan 600 seeds
1 x Lettuce Bis Mixed Italian Range 1200 seed Mixture
1 x Squash Summer Moonbeam 10 seeds
1 x Leek Tornado 200 seeds
1 x Seed Spoon pack of 2
1 x Pak Choi You Qing Choi clubroot resistant 75 seeds
1 x Eschscholzia. Orange King 300 seeds
1 x Japanese Greens Mibuna 300 seeds
1 x Cabbage Felicity 30 seeds
1 x Tomato Gourmandia disease resistant 10 seeds
1 x Tomato Cherry Bomb 10 seeds
1 x Lettuce Maravilla De Verano Canasta 650 seeds
1 x Kale Nero De Toscana 300 seeds
1 x Chinese Cabbage Yuki clubroot resistance 125 seeds
1 x Swiss Chard Celebration 150 seeds
1 x Italian Special Mixture 5g av 7000 seeds
1 x Tomato Lucciola 10 seeds
1 x Lettuce 6 pkts Exbury Osterley Dixter Bridgemere Wentworth Ashbrook
1 x Tomato Tutti Frutti 10 seeds
1 x Arbutus Unedo Strawberry Tree 50 seeds
1 x Beetroot Boston 250 seeds
1 x Kohl Rabi Kref 50 seeds
1 x Leaf Radish Hong Vit 150 seeds
1 x Spicy Greens Mixture 1000 seeds
1 x Chervil Plain 800 seeds
1 x Coriander Calypso 155 seeds