TOMATOOver 190 tomato varieties, Black Pear tomato seeds, Big Boy, Carbon, Chocolate Cherry, Porterhouse, Indigo Blue Berries, Rosella and Floridity are just a few of our customers favourites. Grow Your Own Magazine top tomato varieties we stock include Sweet Aperitif, Alicante, Green Envy, Sungold, Garden Pearl, Tumbling Tom Red, Big Daddy, Super Marmande, Brandywine, Mountain Magic, Lizzano, Moneymaker, Gardeners Delight and Shirley. UK seed supplier for heirloom tomatoes, hanging basket, outdoor, glasshouse, plum, cherry, grape, currant, beefsteak and patio tomato seeds. FERA Registered packer number 7049


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  • Tomato Seeds Totem 10 seeds

    A dwarf hybrid variety which does not require the removal of side shoots. An excellent variety for use in pots, tubs, window boxes, gro-bags and in [...]

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  • Tomato Seeds Supersteak 10 seeds

    Exceptionally large uniform red fruits that can weigh up to 500g. A meaty beefsteak tomato which is rich in flavour, ideal for salads, sandwiches and [...]

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  • Tomato Seeds Green Sausage 20 seeds

    Very elongated green sausage-like fruits in trusses of mostly 6 or 7, all of them with conspicuous yellow stripes. The inside of the fruits are green [...]

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