Sweet PeasSweet pea seeds, a large selection of highly scented heirloom varieties for gardens exhibition baskets patio, black knight, blushing perfume, old spice mix. Heirloom varieties America, Mrs Collier, Cupani's Original and Dorothy Eckford containing varieties dating back to the 16th century. Exhibition varieties include Honeymoon, Charles Unwin and many more. They are a favourite of the cottage garden, our varieties include mildly scented to the highly scented fragrance of Painted Lady. Sweet pea seeds are easy to germinate, do not overwater the seeds, watering after sowing then again after germination is usually sufficient.

Sweet Peas

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  • Sweet Pea. Mrs Bernard Jones 15 seeds

    A show variety with huge flowers on strong stems. Lightly fragranced flowers are beautifully formed in a striking cerise colour on a white [...]

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  • Sweet Pea. Ripple Formula Mixed 15 seeds

    Lathyrus odoratus
    Sweet pea Spencer series Ripple Formula Mixed, an excellent blend of some of the finest striped, bicolour, mottled and veined [...]

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  • Sweet Pea. Lathyrus Sativus Azureus 15 seeds

    Lathyrus Sativus
    A unique colouring on this beautiful brilliant blue flowered Sweet Pea. Grows well in a warm sheltered site. Ideal [...]

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