SaladSalad varieties to grow from seed include lettuce, basil, beetroot, mixed salad leaf, celery, celtuce, coriander, corn salad, cucumber, endive, cress, pak choi, radish, rocket, watercress and many more.


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  • Cucumber Gherkin National 40 seeds

    Prolific and quick growing ridge type cucumber, produces a mass of small fruits great for pickling

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  • Beetroot Cheltenham Green Top 200 seeds

    Heirloom variety producing long tapered sweet rich red fleshy roots with broad shoulders. Green [...]

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  • Fennel Zefa Fino 250 seeds

    A high quality variety developed in Switzerland. Fennel Florence Zefa Fino produces bulbs of a good [...]

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  • Onion Tosca 200 Seeds

    Elongated bulbs 14-17mm long weighing 150 grams. Attractive shiny light golden skin, main crop [...]

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