SaladSalad varieties to grow from seed include lettuce, basil, beetroot, mixed salad leaf, celery, celtuce, coriander, corn salad, cucumber, endive, cress, pak choi, radish, rocket, watercress and many more.


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  • Radish French Breakfast 1000 seeds

    Oval shaped with white tip. A vigorous fast maturing mild flavoured radish.

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  • Radish Jolly 500 seeds

    A top quality Cherry Belle type with strong foliage and intense red coloured roots with very little [...]

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  • Radish Diana 200 seeds

    A unique round radish with a white tip and distinctive purple skin. A fast-maturing, long season [...]

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  • Radish Rat Tails 2 gram 130 seeds

    Radish rat tails a radish that is harvested above ground, grown for the long slender edible seed [...]

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  • Hong Vit 2g

    Radish - Raphanus sativus
    A pink stemmed leaf radish. Fast growing with hairless leaves and pink [...]

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  • Coriander

    Annual Culinary herb and oriental vegetable
    Coriandrum sativum
    Green leaves used in curries [...]

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  • Coriander Confetti

    Annual Culinary herb
    Coriandrum sativum
    Produces fern like extra sweet leaves with a [...]

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  • Dill Diana 1 gram

    HH annual Culinary herb
    Anethum graveolens
    Dill Diana very leafy, with attractive dark green [...]

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